First City Folks

   Jesse Lowe, promoter
   Alf.  D. Jones, surveyor
   J. E. Johnson, merchant
     blacksmith, and editor
   Robert B. Whitted, farmer
   Mr. Seeley, carpenter
   William Clancey, grocer
   Jeffrey brothers, millers
   Harrison Johnson, expressman
   J. C. Reeves, expressman
   James Hickey, expressman
   Ben Leonard, fiddler
   Mr. Gaylord, carpenter
   Mr. Dodd, grocer
   C. H. Downs, speculator
   A. R. Gilmore, office seeker
   William P. Snowden,
   O. B. Sheldon, blacksmith
   J. W. Paddock, carpenter
   William Gray, carpenter
   John Withnell, bricklayer
   A. J. Poppleton, attorney
   George L. Miller, physician
   Lorin Miller, surveyor
   J. G. McGeath, merchant
   A. B. Moore, speculator
   O. D. Richardson, attorney
   and some few others


See the Louisiana Territory Purchase area.
Louisiana Territory
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 Nebraska Historical Forts

   Fort Atkinson
   Fort Cody
   Fort Hartsuff
   Fort Kearny
   Fort Mitchell
   Fort Niobrara
   Fort McPherson
   Fort Omaha
   Fort Robinson
   Fort Sidney


Omaha Timeline

• 1854 (August): Nebraska opened for settlement, first house built.

• 1855 (July): approximately 40 homes, 150-200 inhabitants.

• 1856: population is approximately 1,000 -1,800 inhabitants.

• 1859 (June): population is approximately 4,000 inhabitants.


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Cyan = Canceled. Purple = Postponed

For 2020, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, some events have switched to a "Virtual" event (all online), and others have put on a "Limited" event. For example, the Doouglas County Fair had a Limited event, meaning that the participants in competitions were allowed, but the crowds were not. The Earth Day Omaha had a "Virtual" event; everything was done online.

The colors of the inner box were chosen using the first letter of "Virtual" and "Limited." "Virtual" events use Violet as the color, but the line is a dashed line. "Limited" events use Lime as the color, but the line is a dashed line.

Lime = Limited. Violet = Virtual

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