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Omaha is an active sports town, leading in golf, softball, and college baseball with the College World Series being played here.  We also love football.  Nebraska's capitol, Lincoln, Nebraska, home to University of Nebraska (Husker) football is just one hour west on Interstate 80.  This makes it easy for Omaha to contribute to painting the stands red in Lincoln.  U.N.O. has its own football team, the U.N.O. Mavericks.  The U.N.O. Mavericks and Creighton Blue Jays are our top college athletic teams.  U.N.O. has gained quite a bit of attention for its new winning ice hockey team.  Omaha has its own professional indoor football team, the Omaha Beef and our neighbor Council Bluffs has the amateur hockey team, the Omaha Lancers.

Omaha and baseball go together.  We have played host to the College World Series for over 50 years.  Played in June previously at Rosenblatt Stadium (home of the Stormchasers*), now at TD Ameritrade Park, Omaha is alive with college age folks from across America.  When not at the games, they tend to hang out at Pauli's bar on 41st and Leavenworth.

The Omaha area is known to have the most avid softball players and fans anywhere.  Hundreds of beautifully maintained softball fields dot the Omaha landscape.  Many even feature lighting and stands for the fans.

Omaha has more golf courses per capita than any other city in the U.S. (over 40 in the immediate area).*

Auto Racing is available at the Nebraska Raceway Park, on the highway towards Lincoln.  Eagle Raceway, just minutes west of Omaha on I-80 is home to Winged Sprint Cars that circle the world's fastest 1/8 mile oval track.  Motorcycle enthusiasts can enjoy dirt at nearby White Sands Raceway.

Omaha has so many Sports Links, that it gets its own page.  Check it out!

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Omaha's neighbors all have interesting histories.  Some of the communities have been absorbed into Omaha.

The northern tip of Omaha, the area now known as Florence, is where the Mormon's trek to Utah took a pause for the winter after making it across the Missouri River in 1846-1847.  The journey and harsh Nebraska winter was deadly to many (nearly 1,000); the Mormon Cemetery, a testament to the trials of the early settlers is nearby.  The Mormon Trail Center allows you to step back in time to "Winter Quarters."

Bellevue, the oldest and the third largest city in Nebraska, is just south of Omaha and nearly a suburb.  Bellevue is home to Offutt A.F.B., the home of the Air Force's Strategic Air Command (SAC now SAFCOM), the underground command post, and soon the home to the U.S. Space Command.

Across the Missouri River is Council Bluffs, also rich in history.  In addition to being an important staging place for the Mormon trek, Abraham Lincoln visited the area and looking out from the bluffs, chose Omaha as the starting point for the Union Pacific railroad that would link America from the East to the West.

The Midwest is a close knit group in that we are proud to say we feed the nation.  Being proud and confident makes us good folks.  You can go just about anywhere in our  neighboring states and get a welcome smile.  They are the same communities that are some of our favorite weekend and vacation getaways.

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Omaha has the typical Midwestern melting pot mix.  The early settlers were the hardy Europeans from England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Poland, and Czechoslovakia.  Now, Omaha has a dose of folks from everywhere else.  Omaha's greatest asset is its people.

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Omaha is just right.  Yeah, it's in the middle of the U.S. so it is not too far north, south, east, or west but the best part is the size.  Omaha is just the right size.  We have almost anything any other city has and it is packed into our just right size.  It doesn't take too long to get to anything you need.  We are large enough to economically support the cultural entities that make a city enjoyable.  We have all the major franchises available to us.  For big events, you can get back home in the same day.  If you are from a larger city, you know what I mean, and you will surely appreciate our size.  Come and enjoy our city.  You will fit right in.


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