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Capitol Hill Antics

Artifice 3.

"Nebraska becomes a state"

Legislature relocated to Lincoln

Nebraska officially became a state on March 1st, 1867.  The new constitution provided for the first legislature to relocate the seat of government.  Governor Burt called for the first session to meet at Omaha on March 16th, 1867.  Without any resistance from Omaha, the capitol was relocated to Lincoln, Nebraska.  Omaha had decided the benefits from having the capitol were no longer as important as they once were.  Lincoln, the town formerly known as Lancaster, had begun to prosper; trains from a couple different directions met there, and it was a straight shot from Nebraska City and the Missouri River making it ideal for shipping.

The capitol building and grounds in Omaha reverted back to the city and the property was designated to be used for educational purposes.

You can easily see the capitol-esque features in the school building located on "Capitol Hill" at 21st and Dodge, however, this artifice is actually on us.  This building was never a capitol building at all; we are fooled by the magnificent architecture of the time.  The territorial capitol building having served its purpose was torn down to make way for a new school.  Later on, the original school building needed additions.  New portions were added to the north and south sides.  New sides were built around the old until only one side remained.  The old building was torn down, and the new one completed.  Even though we no longer have the original capitol building, the school's architecture is without a doubt, a fitting replacement to stand on "Capitol Hill."

Central High School has helped educate some impressive folks, among them, Henry Fonda, Dorothy McGuire, Wynonie Harris ("Mr. Blues"), Gale Sayers, Letita Baldridge, two Nobel prize winners, and many of Omaha's local leaders.

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