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Papillion: 13.759
LaVista: 10,002
Ralston: 6,236

Visit the city of Papillion website.
Pronounced Peh - Pill - ion
(Not pap-e-on)


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Immediate Neighbors...

When you hear of Bennington, Benson, Dundee, Florence, La Vista, Millard, Ralston, and South Omaha, these are our closest suburbs, most already absorbed into Omaha.  They each have their identity as they were once individual communities and nearby townships.

Florence  (Zip,* Douglas, Pop: part of Omaha)  (7 miles)  Back to the top of this page.

Florence is important because it was one of the earliest settlements west of the Missouri River.  Especially important is the time that the  Mormons stayed on an Indian reservation in the area.  There is so much to tell about Florence, that it has its own page.  More Data Available.

Neighbor buddies...

All on the Nebraska side, Bellevue, Chalco, Elkhorn, Ft. Calhoun, Gretna, Irvington, Papillion, Plattsmouth, Richfield, Springfield, Valley, and Waterloo are nearby towns, even though we are creeping into Bellevue and Papillion.  On the Iowa side, we have Council Bluffs, Carter Lake, and Crescent.

Even though Carter Lake is on the Iowa side, it is on the west side of the Missouri River.  More on Carter Lake.

Bellevue  (Zip,* Sarpy, Pop: 50,137)  (7 miles)  Back to the top of this page.

Bellevue is Omaha's closest neighbor since it is hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.  Bellevue is so special, it has its own page on our website..

Benson  (Zip,* Douglas, Pop: part of Omaha)  (4 miles)  Back to the top of this page.

Benson is a community that was annexed as part of Omaha in 1917.  The community is still very much a small town on its own.

Others ...

Omaha's closest neighbors aren't the only wonderful communities in the Midwest.  Many more are listed in the Nebraska Communities page and each of the Neighboring States, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri.

The Nebraska Communities pages comes in two versions:

Sorted alphabetically
Sorted by distance from Omaha