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Neighbor States

Visit the Iowa page.


Life is better in Iowa.  Iowa has lots of wonderful spots that should not be missed if you are in the area.  Des Moines, the capitol is near to the birthplace of the Duke, John Wayne himself. The "Duke's" birthplace is in the same area as the Madison County covered bridges.  At the state's northern end is Britt, Iowa, home to the annual Hobo Convention. Stone City, near Cedar Rapids is where American Gothic painter Grant Woods spent some time.  Start by reading about Iowa's city closest to Omaha, Council Bluffs.

For more information, check out the Iowa page.

Visit the Discover Iowa website.
Discover Iowa
About Iowa

Visit the South Dakota page.

South Dakota

The first state just north of Nebraska is South Dakota, home to Mt. Rushmore, Custer State Park, Crazy Horse Memorial, Wall Drug, and the Corn Palace.  If Nebraskans want to drive to their vacation destination, this is a popular destination.

For more information, check out the South Dakota page.

Visit the Missouri page.


Missouri is a "touching" neighbor state.  Nebraska's southeastern corner and Missouri's northwestern corner are across the Missouri River from each other.  The "Show Me" state.  Missouri has Kansas City and St. Louis.  Missouri is another state that has the Missouri River on one side and Mississippi River on the other.  Omahan's favorite getaways in Missouri are Kansas City and the Branson/Lake of the Ozarks area.

For more information, check out the Missouri page.

Visit the Kansas page.


Kansas is too close to Oklahoma for Nebraska's liking, however, that is only on the southern end.  Kansas doesn't like Oklahoma for the same reasons; Oklahoma is too good at football.

Kansas produces the greatest computer science instructors from its university at Lawrence.

Kansas has the Kansas Turnpike, a toll road.  I once heard of someone getting a ticket at the toll booth because it was clear they had to be speeding to get from where they started to where they got off.  If you use it, fake a flat tire, have a picnic, and continue on.

Kansas is flat so it is natural to speed because you can't conceptualize how fast you are going from the surroundings.  Jay Leno once reported that a lot of car accidents happen in Kansas when people get out of their car because they think it has stopped.

For more information, check out the Kansas page.

Visit the Colorado page.


The state is so, how should I say, "touching." Not a lot, but enough to be a neighbor. Going Southwest from Nebraska on I-80, and you run right into Colorado.  Colorado is the "notch" in our southwestern corner.

For more information, check out the Colorado page.

Yes, that is a buffalo on the state flag.  Wyoming has the most buffaloes.  Visit the Wyoming page.


This is where the rodeos are king.

For more information, check out the Wyoming page.

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