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"All About Omaha," hereby known as "Company" maintains a website with integrity.  You can link to our website providing you agree and abide by the following conditions.

We do not allow our graphic links to be displayed on sites that are considered to be in poor taste, e.g., displaying text or images depicting pornography (pornographic images, text, ideas, or emotions), nudity, slanderous, bigotry, racial, child abuse, animal abuse, or anything out of the ordinary that could be considered by some to be in poor taste.

We do not allow our graphic links to be displayed and used in any manner that depicts "Company" in any negative fashion.

We must be made aware of any and all URLs that the "Company" graphic links are displayed on.

You must request permission, in writing, to use the graphic/banner/link information provided.  You must send information as electronic data (e-mail).  You should send a copy of the page that our graphic link will be displayed on as an e-mail attachment, or as an html e-mail page.  State the URL that the page will be displayed on.  If necessary, you can upload the page as an unlinked page on your website or as a different filename if it is to replace an already existing webpage on your website in order that we can review the page.  This will allow us to view the page in its final form.

When you have received a reply that the URL is approved, then you may display the "Company" graphic and link.  This is to know who is using the links and displaying our graphic links.  Should we need to make changes to the "Company" website by rearranging or reorganization, we need to be able to contact your staff.

As a Note: We will make changes to the graphic links/Banner links code to assign each link with a unique id.  This will allow us to identify where a hit to our website originated from.  This will also allow us to introduce an affiliate program that will add value to clicks from your website.

Your request should include the following information.  An asterisk indicates required data.

1. URLs to have the graphic link displayed.*
2. Contact Person.*
3. Contact e-mail.*
4. Name of Company
5. Street Address
6. City, State, ZIP
7. Contact Phone (to be used in urgent situations or where e-mail cannot be used)
8. Your Home Page URL
9. Owner of domain if different from item 2 above.
10. Contact info for owner of domain if different from item 2 above.
11. Name of Hosting Company of your website
12. Location of the server hosting your site (in-house, hosting company-US, hosting company-outside US, etc.)
13. Connection Method of your site (T1, T3, cable, DSL, etc.  Most hosting companies will have T1 or higher.)
14. Connection Speed of your site (100Mb, 10Mb, 3Mb, 256k, 56k, 28k, 14,4k, etc.). Note: This is not your connection speed to your ISP.

To use the graphics/graphicsB/links, you must have a contact person that "Company" can correspond with in the event we need to get in touch with you in regards to our links and graphics.  You must allow a return receipt for e-mail in order that we know you have received any correspondence.  If you do not allow a return receipt, then you must respond via e-mail within 48 hours of receiving the e-mail.  After 48 hours, we will assume you have been informed.

Should we require you to make changes to your links, you must do so within 48 hours of being informed via e-mail (return receipt).

The graphic link cannot be displayed on a webpage that causes the "Company" webpages to be displayed in a frameset (the entire screen must be available to display our website).  The graphic link cannot be used on a webpage that causes the "Company" webpages to be displayed in a browser without the standard browser controls (no resizing, no menus, etc.).

We reserve the right to decline a request to link and use the "Company" graphic images without explanation.  If we do, it is probably for one of the reasons described here.

We reserve the right to request that you remove the "Company" graphic images without explanation.  If we do, it is probably for one of the reasons above.

The website page with our link must be spiderable by the search-engines.  Link pages must not be frame based or dynamically generated with a URL that has more than 2 passed variables.  You can check to see if your link page is in the Google index by typing your link page URL in the Google search box.  For example: Figure 1 shows a link page that IS in the Google index; figure 2 is an example of a page that is NOT in the Google index.

Google index

We reserve the right to modify these "Link to Us Terms and Conditions" at any time in the future.  If you do not agree with the new terms, you must stop displaying the graphic link on your pages.  If you disagree with these terms, you may petition "Company" by e-mail after a formal e-mail request to do so has been made (see Contact page or link below).

We sincerely wish to have you display the "Company" graphic links on your website.  We want the links to work correctly.  We want to be able to make changes on our end and have minimal effect on the "Company" graphics/graphicsB/links.  Our intent is to keep things working as smoothly as possible.  These Terms and Conditions are provided for both your protection and ours in order to ensure we do not lose control of the links, that we maintain the status quo, and your website is not affected if at all possible.  If we can assist in any way possible, please let us know.

You agree to the Terms and Conditions regarding use of the "Company" graphics and links if you display the graphics/banner/links on your website.  These terms are legally binding.

Fill out the form.

Accessing another website for graphics to satisfy a graphic for a link is not normally encouraged.  We maintain the graphic images on our servers in order to maintain control over the appearance of our graphics.  We reserve the right to modify the banner or graphic at any time to reflect our company's goals, ideals, personality, or otherwise.  Accessing the graphic image from our servers has its pros and cons.  If our server is down, then the graphic will not be available, and neither would a link to us work so it is understandable that the image should not show up.  We have a guarantee from our host(s) of near 100% uptime.

Normally websites do not want you to access their website for graphics because it uses bandwidth they are paying for in order for your website to be able to display the image.  In our case, we have a vested interest that helps both your website and ours.  It is always good to understand both reasons.


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