First City Folks

   Jesse Lowe, promoter
   Alf.  D. Jones, surveyor
   J. E. Johnson, merchant
     blacksmith, and editor
   Robert B. Whitted, farmer
   Mr. Seeley, carpenter
   William Clancey, grocer
   Jeffrey brothers, millers
   URL is empty for Harrison Johnson, expressman
   J. C. Reeves, expressman
   James Hickey, expressman
   Ben Leonard, fiddler
   Mr. Gaylord, carpenter
   Mr. Dodd, grocer
   C. H. Downs, speculator
   A. R. Gilmore, office seeker
   William P. Snowden,
   O. B. Sheldon, blacksmith
   J. W. Paddock, carpenter
   William Gray, carpenter
   John Withnell, bricklayer
   A. J. Poppleton, attorney
   George L. Miller, physician
   Lorin Miller, surveyor
   J. G. McGeath, merchant
   A. B. Moore, speculator
   O. D. Richardson, attorney
   URL is empty for and some few others


Omaha Timeline

• 1854 (August): Nebraska opened for settlement, first house built.

• 1855 (July): approximately 40 homes, 150-200 inhabitants.

• 1856: population is approximately 1,000 -1,800 inhabitants.

• 1859 (June): population is approximately 4,000 inhabitants.




Trans-Mississippi Exposition Stamp
Trans-Mississippi Exposition Stamp
Trans-Mississippi Exposition Stamp
Trans-Mississippi Expo Stamps



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  Louisiana Territory Map Outline

The size of our country essentially doubled in size with the purchase from France for $15,000. Read more

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The following links were originally to the USPS website where you could see the two Louisiana Purchase commerative stamps issued for the 200th annoversary of the trip, however the links are no longer valid on the USPS website, so now you can access the PDF files from an alternate source.

PDF File USPS Stamp Commerating the Louisiana Purchase (2003)
PDF File USPS Stamp Commerating the Lewis and Clark Expedition (2004)