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Advertise with Graphics

Once you have a website, you want visitors to see it.  That means you need to advertise it.  Include the URL in your paper ads, on your letterhead, and on your business cards.  All of those methods require potential viewers to make the effort to get online and then enter your URL to visit our site.

An online graphic ad is even better.   The potential visitor is already online and ready to click.  You need a small graphic that can be used to best show off the website  You need to do the same with a banner that entices viewers to click and visit your website as well.  The next step is to get the graphics displayed on as many websites as you can afford.

We can help in each category.

Omaha has some beautiful websites as the graphics displayed along the right side suggest.  For most of the graphics you see at the right side of the AllAboutOmaha.com website, they weren't provided by the website in the final form.  Most websites didn't have a graphic that could be used as-is.  We created most from bits and parts found on the website to help show it off.

Some only needed shrinking to fit.  After shrinking, text often faded out and had to be recreated.  Thin lines disappeared and had to be redrawn, one in its entirety.  More often than not, bits and pieces were combined and resized to fit the space format suitable for displaying as a graphic advertising link.  You can see what was done to the examples by moving the mouse pointer over each one for a short description of how it was created.

We would like to display your graphic ad to encourage others to visit your site.  And if you don't have one, don't worry.  We can create one that we both can be proud of.

Graphic ads are displayed along the side of the pages.  The graphic ads are limited to 15,000 sq. pixels or about 120x120 pixels with some flexibility.  A tall graphic is limited to 120 pixels in width but a short ad can be wider.  The graphic ads must fit the criteria for the links (non-general business links).  You can get a good idea from the ones that already exist.  If your website fits into this category, you can submit a graphic along with the associated URL for review.  If your website does not fit the format, you can still be a sponsor.  Banner ads are displayed at the bottom of each page.

Graphic ads are limited to being in the same area that the page pertains to.  For example, Omaha area sites are advertised on the Omaha page.  Since the neighboring states are covered, graphic ads can be from any neighboring state but will be displayed on the page pertaining to the link.  For example, a link on Mt. Rushmore would be displayed on the South Dakota page.  You can request pricing information or submit a graphic for approval by clicking on the link below.  The link is an e-mail link so attach the graphic to the e-mail.  Include the associated URL and a billing address.

Animated Graphics

The graphic link that gets the most attention are the animated ones or those that have changing images.

We can create custom Mini-Slide Shows to blend several images from one image to the next.  This is the ultimate in graphic ads. See Examples.