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Bellevue Population: 50,137*


Historic Bellevueans

   J. S. Allen
   S. D. Bangs
   Maj. Barrow
   Hiram Bennett
   Isaiah N. Bennett
   Francis Burt
   F. Calkins
   H. T. Clarke
   Col.  Stephen Decatur
   Mr. Dunbar
   Mr. Ellis
   William R. English
   John Finney
   C. D. Keller
   George Nepner
   William R. English
   A. C. Ford
   James M. Galewood
   William Gilmer
   James Gow
   Esquire Griffin
   Rev.  Mr. Hamilton
   A. W. Hollister
   L. B. Kinney
   Manuel Lesa
   Col. R. Lovejoy
   Walter Lowrie
   M. S. Martyn
   Rev.  Edward McKinney
   P. J. McMahon
   Julius (J.) Sterling Morton
   George Nepner
   D. E. Reed
   Gen. Peter A. Sarpy
   C. E. Smith
   S. A. Strickland
   J. A. Thompson
   George T. Turner
   Dr. Upjohn
   Watson brothers
   W. W. Wiley


NE Neighbors

•    Nebraska
•    Iowa
•    Missouri
•    Kansas
•    Colorado
•    Wyoming
•    South Dakota


Air Show

In the past, each summer, Offutt opened its doors to the public for the open-house and Air Show event.  This was an event to not be missed.  Sadly, the Air Show was canceled in 2013, but returned in 2014 but was in July. For the year 2015, again the air show did not happen due to runway construction, and again in 2017 it did not happen due to the wing's high operational tempo. In 2018, it finally returned, but in 2019 after the dates were confirmed for June 1st and 2nd, the event got canceled again due to the massive flooding in Nebraska, which affected many building on the south end of the base. For 2020, no Air Show was planned, so again, we will miss out.

When it does happen again, the Offutt Air Show is the event to attend for "Air World" enthusiasts.  Expect to see paratroopers such as the Golden Knights from North Carolina, stunt planes, and the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels.  Depending on schedules of availability, there will be one or the other fighter jet flying team.  They tend to alternate, giving equal time to each team.

After the show, you can get an autographed picture of the flying team and see the aircraft a little closer.  For a young kid to get to meet one of these "flying heroes" could be all it takes to inspire a future you will be proud of.

Very likely sometime during the show, you will get to see a "Looking Glass" plane land or take off.  Together with the president at command in "Air Force 1,"  the "flying command post" gives the chief in command the ability to command the nation's military from the air in the event of a war.  The Looking Glass missions have maintained at least one airplane in the air since the 1960s.

Offutt will also have several aircraft on display during the open house.  Some are viewable only from the outside, while others, like the larger cargo planes, you can walk inside.  Some planes even have a ladder up to the cockpit where you can sit at the controls.

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