"Gate City"
"Quiet place above all others upon a stream*"


The All about Omaha pages have several additional pages besides just Omaha, each with tidbits of information you might not know.  Several questions are listed that might peak your interest so pick and choose as you like; one question may interest you more than another.  Several questions have an answer on the same page, an indication of how many curious facts are revealed on each of the pages.  Therefore, reading the answer to one will reveal the answer to other questions.  There are no scores.  Have fun.

The questions have a Start following them.  Start will get you started on reading some background information before arriving at the answer.  Sometimes, the answer is not from the same page as the Start.


Q. Where does Lawrence Welk's autograph appear on the AllAboutOmaha.com website?  Start.

Q. The name of Burt Reynolds, the actor, appears on the All About Omaha website but where and why?  Here is a clue;  the same page has Will Rogers on it.  Start.

Q. Where was Rock Bottom?  Start.

Q. Where was Kane?  Start.

Q. Omaha gets its name from the Omaha Indians but where did they get the word?  Start.

Q. The Secretary of War liked the word Nebraska and suggested it for the name of the new territory.  From whose report did he first encounter the word?  Start.

Q. From Omaha, how many state lines do you need to cross to enter into Yellowstone National Park?  Start.

Q. Ft. Calhoun and Fremont have what in common?  Start.

Q. How did North American natives get here?  Start.

Q. Where did the Territorial Capitol majority meet when Beatrice, Nebraska was named?  Start.

Q. Who was the chief of the Omaha nation when Nebraska became a territory?  Start.

Q. Tecumseh, Nebraska is named after a chief of what Native American nation?  Start.

Q. Nebraska gets its name from what river?  Start.

Q. Florence, Nebraska gets its name from a lady named Florence.  What was her last name?  Start.

Q. Where does Louisiana get its name?  Start.

Q. DeSoto Bends is named after the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto.  Where was he buried?  Start.

Q. Who tricked Coronado?  Start.

Q. How much horsepower can a North American native's dog supply?  Start.

Q. The Ponca Native's language is intelligible with which other Native language?  Start.

Q. What is the name of Nebraska's shortest lived community?  Start.

Q. What is the name of Sacagawea's brother?  Son?   Husband?  Start.

Q. Lewis and Clark reached the Platte River when?  Start.

Q. Who came up with the name for Bellevue?  Start.

Q. How did Papillion end up being the Sarpy County seat?  Start.

Q. Where is possibly the oldest  building between the Missouri and the Pacific?  Start.

Q. How did Council Bluffs get its name?  Start.

Q. In late 1823, where was the Council Bluffs Indian Agency located?  Start.

Q. When the longest Infantry march reached its destination, what war was being fought?  Start.

Q. Who lived in the Potato Heap?  Start.

Q. Abraham Lincoln owned land in the area.  Where?  Start.

Q. What happened on February 24, 1846 that allowed the Mormons to flee Nauvoo?  Start.

Q. What does Nauvoo mean?  Start.

Q. Who ended up with the wife of the first wedding in Bellevue?  Start.

Q. Where is/was Sarpy Center?  Start.

Q. The Ogallala Aquifer is a large body of water under Nebraska's Sandhills.  Spread out over the entire state, how deep would it be?  Start.

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